Why Us

Why Boyang Motor?

  ON QUALITY : We offer thousands of quality automation products designed and built by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Rest assured that you're getting high quality, reliable products. 

  ON PRICE : We have a very high competitive ability of the list price. Why are our prices are low? As you know, we have the low cost labour force in China. and we do not have hundreds of sales people who make personal sales calls, drive company cars, use company cell phones and laptops, and require entertainment budgets. 

  ON DELVIERY : Our technical support is so good that 99% of our customers say they would recommend us to someone else! Most of them say we are above average to excellent in accuracy, thoroughness, response time, and attitude. And, we come out top in service for years.

  ON SERVICES : Order it your way - by fax, by phone or online, we ship it super fast and accurately. Call in and get some of the most courteous and helpful sales people in any industry! In fact, most of new customers responding to our surveys say that our services were above average when compared to their other vendors.

That's why we created a company from the bottom up to offer the most practical automation products, at the industry's best prices, shipped fast and accurately. To prove our commitment to you, we back all of our products (even software) with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Most of customers have choiced us because of our prices, products, service and helpful attitude. So, browse our Web site. We guarantee you will find it interesting!