33mm brushless motors

    Product category: Brushless Motors

    Very high speed

    Very low noise and more smoothness

    make for fan and pumps

Voltage (V): 12V

Nominal speed (RPM): more than 10000 RPM

Minimal speed (RPM): 2500RPM 

Max. speed (RPM) : 11000RPM 

Rated power (W): around 15W/20W

Nominal torque: around 0.02 N.m

Dimension: Diameter max: 40 mm

Length max: 50mm

Integrated speed controller.

Fixations: as you want (from 2 to 4 screw M3 or M4)

7 wires like last motor (GND, +12V DC, 3 wires for rheostat, 2 wires for direction CW, CCW)



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